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Sudden Infant Theft Syndrome​


The Yemenite, Balkans and Orient Children Affair refers to the kidnapping
and disappearance of thousands of babies and toddlers in the early years of the state of Israel.
The destruction and loss experienced by the designer’s family and personal story
are intertwined with this emotional and painful design collection.
The collection portrays the mother’s shattering experience through each set of clothing,
underscoring the realization that the same hands that delivered the baby
 are those that tore it away from its mother.
The collection combines handmade knits from recycled knits and sequins which were
created by laser cut from remnants of plastic  with light fabrics that create variable volumes.






Shenkar college graduation project 2019 – department of fashion design



Handmade knitting from woolen threads leftovers.
Reuse of raw materials reduces the amount of waste and pollution.



If you do something, choose to do it right.
Good and quality design must be meaningful.

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